Why Our Customers Love Us

"Sheles Wallace and the entire team at Billionaire Thoughts have been invaluable to my business. After 20 years in corporate HR and recruiting, I started my own consulting firm in early 2016. As I approached on year in business, I found that my business was missing on important ingredient that was key to my strategic planning. In my past experience, I utilized my team, business partners and senior leaders to drive my strategic thinking and vetting of key business ideas. They also challenged me to ensure we had a strong plan and followed through on the implementation of our strategies. When you are in business for yourself - this is a critical missing piece in your organization. Sheles and her team hae been instrumental in filling this void for me - providing structure for my planning, introducing new tools and approaches and holding me accountable for implementation. I've been working with them for all of Q1 2017 and I've already written more busines sthis year than my total revenue for 2016. They stretch my comfort zone by providing the tools to ensure that my willingness to try new marketing tactics are truly beneficial. I view them as more than a coach, but as my board of directors - pushing me to take this organization to the next level!"

- Katie Magon, Founder and President of People Solutions Center

"Sheles is an amazing coach and has become an outstanding mentor for our organization. Her ability to coach me as the CEO to identify, establish and implement processes and procedures for our organization which directly affect our bottom line is invaluable. She provides timely solution-oriented roadmap for our business on a weekly basis, allowing us to push through growing pains and ultimately be more organized, efficient and profitable! I would highly recommend Sheles as a business coach and trainer; in addition, her demeanor, work ethic, and personality make her a pleaseure to work with."

- Michelle Sullentrup, CEO, myDermRecruiter - the #1 Dermatology Recruitment Firm Nationwide

"When I met Sheles Wallace for our first meeting, I told her that I felt like I knew quite a lot about business principles, what I really needed something like a personal trainer at the gym. I know where the equipment is, I know how to do the exercises, what I need is someone to hold me accountable and make sure I follow through and stretch my goals. I get two major sources of value from Sheles. I do get that accountability I was seeking, but I get an absolute wealth of systems, insights, strategies, and relationships that I was missing before. Her expansive knowledge of corporate business and small business is amazing. Her ability to boil down seemingly complex topics into easy steps is worth the cost of joining. I see so much value from Sheles and the ActionCoach program. My staff is growing, my business is growing, we successfully transition ownership within my family. I owe so much to Sheles and am so thankful for discovering this relationship."

- David Williams, President, Bill Young Signs & Electric, Inc

"In the four months I have been working with Sheles, she has shown me how to be organized, thoughtful, and have a deeper understanding of my business. Her ideas and insights have lead me in a whole different direction I didn't know was possible. She has been positive and encouraging throughout the whole process. I would recommend Sheles to any business owner, especially those feeling overwhelmed or stagnant."

- Brooke Nielsen, Accountant

"I took the principle of selling class. I had never had a formal class on selling and this class was amazing. Sheles walked through the steps and helped me understand the overall goal of what you are selling. I recommend their classes."

- Pamela MacDonald, Independent Travel Agent, PMMVACATIONS

"Sheles has been instrumental in changing my perspective about developing my business. I have acquired a considerable set of tools and insights from her mentoring and cannot say enough that could adequately describe her devotion and dedication towards my success."

- John Mark Hongs, Principal Attorney, Westminster Legal Group

"I attended a Team Growth Club meeting last month conducted by Sheles and Damon Wallace from Billionaire Thoughts. This meeting opened my eyes to so many things and definitely gave me some great ideas to improve my day-to-day business techniques. They helped all in attendance focus on creating solid goals and how to properly achieve them. Sheles and Damon both brought some great ideas to open all our minds to think bigger. This meeting was absolutely motivating to everyone who attended and I can't wait to attend the next one!"

- David Dickens, Physician Recruiter, myDermRecruiter / myMDRecruiter

"Sheles is wonderful! She helped me so much with great advice for my career in sales. I learned so much during each part of the training. If you need help make sales, Sheles and her company can help you!"

- Libby (Elizabeth Feibelman) Goldman, Helping Small Business Harness the Power of Facebook

"Sheles and her team at Billionaire Thoughts are magnificent! We have been clients of her firm for close to a year. We were already running a successful business, for over 40 years. I didn't know there was so much more to learn. Billionaire Thoughts has shored up my business in the areas of marketing, employee motivation, and incentivizing, and have made great strides in setting our company apart from others in our industry. It has been an immense pleasure working with Sheles and her team. I have a renewed sense of purpose and hope in the future of our business and what we can accomplish in the years ahead. I highly recommend Billionaire Thoughts to any entrepreneur or CEO who wants to renew their edge and be the best in their field."

- Latashia Smith, Director, Buttons and Bows Preschool