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Individual commitment to a group effort—that is what makes a teamwork, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.

Damon Wallace - VP of Business Development

Driving Business Growth Through Organizational Discipline Are you looking to Transform your Organizational Staff? Would you like to spend more time working ON your organization, and less IN your organization? Well, look no further than Damon Wallace Vice President of Business Development and Team Engagement at Billionaire Thoughts an ActionCOACH Partner.  Mr. Wallace brings a dynamic that is unmatched, unparalleled, and unlike anything you have ever seen before. Coach Wallace is no rookie, having shared the stage with the likes of:

Hill Harper, is an American actor and author. He is known for his roles on CSI: NY, Limitless,

Dr. John C. Maxwell, the world’s top leadership trainer, New York Times author, and speaker.

Dr. Eric Thomas, widely regarded as one of today’s top 10 speakers worldwide. He has more YouTube views on his video content than any other speaker or trainer.

Jeffrey Gitomer, sales expert, New York Times bestselling author, and speaker

Brad Sugars, is a bestselling author and is the founder of the global business coaching franchise ActionCOACH, which has over 1000 offices in 80 countries, working with tens of thousands of business owners, delivering his simple yet powerful business growth techniques.
Wallace is indeed a force to be reckoned with. Wallace is a champion that helps bring clarity to how CEOs and executive teams lead and manage their organizations through, Awareness, Education, Implementation, and Discipline.

Billionaire Thoughts

Brender Benson - DISC Assessment Training

Brender passionately guides business owners and C-Level executives to achieve greater success by overcoming or eliminating business challenges, increasing their profits by 118%, improving their understanding of business financials, and managing their time more efficiently.  Her empowering leadership led a team of 42 Account Executives covering 4 states to higher productivity, sales commission, and company profits resulting in multiple teams and individual awards.   She was recruited as the Branch Manager for an international PEO, supplied contract employees, and won a trip to Switzerland for revenue growth in one year.

Billionaire Thoughts

Kyle Duyungan - Digital Marketing Specialist  

Kyle is a UK-based media graduate and now diving into the fun and challenging world of digital marketing. Together with the team, she creates copy for various social media sites and helps support any event led by Sheles. In her spare time, she runs her own business inspired by her experience as a sushi chef in a local restaurant. Her favorite social media platform is Instagram, and she is most passionate about optimizing online content that keeps the engagement high and form communities filled with trust and empowerment. 

Andi Malhance - Digital Marketing Manager

Andi joined the Billionaire Thoughts team in 2018 and serves as a valuable Digital Marketing Manager to our team. Her ability to organize and accomplish any project she takes on has allowed the team to thrive and grow. She has an undergraduate degree from Valparaiso University in Sports Management and a masters degree from Northwestern University in Sports Administration.
Originally from Buffalo, she's an avid Bills fan. In her free time, hobbies and passions include playing sports and attending live sporting events, concerts, and anything outside. She loves to travel and to put new pins her in travel map with her husband.

Patricia S. Cowan, RainMaker Sales Support

RainMaker Sales Support was originated by a salesperson, that saw a gap in follow-through and prospecting among many of her peers. We are a company composed of salespeople, that understand the nuances of the selling process. We handle every account as if we are cultivating our own sales base. We are dedicated to being professional in our efforts, so that you, and your company, can shine.


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